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Optimise Nutrition’s Buffet Survival Guide

This is definitely one of the busiest times of the year — with the countless holiday preparations, Christmas parties, family gatherings, and of course the food! Being healthy and working out regularly is one heck of a challenge! Thinking of putting off the healthy habits to the new year?

Fret not, we’ve compiled the best tips for this holiday season into one nifty survival guide! Follow these diet tips and techniques and you’ll surely be on your way to feasting healthily this holiday season!

Don’t skip a meal to prep for a buffet

It’s often believed that if you skip your meal before the big feast, you’re saving yourself from the calories. Truth is, you’re more likely to eat more when you have greater hunger pangs. Avoid overeating during your holiday feasts by eating balanced meals before your buffets.

Skim the buffet for options

It’s best you first find out what your food options are before you start digging through the buffet. This helps you plan out which healthy foods you can indulge in and a few of your guilty pleasures to put on your plate.

Be aware of the size of your plate

Some studies actually reported that eating on a smaller plate has an impact on the level of your satiety. It makes sense, as you are able to condition your mind to eat much less than what you think you are eating. This also helps you feel fuller as you think you’ve eaten a full meal.

Think of how to portion your plate

The best way to fill up your plate is by choosing foods that have higher nutrient density. Aim to fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies, a fourth for carbohydrates, and the last fourth towards lean proteins.

Avoid going for seconds

Having a buffet means unlimited food, but you shouldn’t abuse this and go for seconds and thirds! Aim to get all you want in one go while keeping in mind your plate portions and getting your all the food groups