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5 Tricks To Trimming This Christmas Season

When Christmas time comes, we usually drop our clean eating habits and forget to go to the gym to make way for all the celebrations. Besides, it’s about time we take a bit of unwinding with some family and friends, right?

Too many people wait till the new year to start being healthy. Reality is, the best time to begin a healthier life is NOW. So stop procrastinating and wishing for a fitter new year. Why not try these 5 tricks so you can start trimming and leaning this Christmas season.

1. Hydration is key

Did you know that chugging on water is one of the secrets to fixing your hunger? Yup, the usual thirst pangs are often mistaken as hunger pangs, and many people fall for eating more rather than drinking more. Try to sip on a glass of water before and after a meal, and you’ll notice a big difference to how much you’re eating.
Thinking of enjoying a glass of wine or bottle of beer? It’s especially important to stay hydrated! Make sure to take in a glass or two of water in between. This helps in curing the hangovers for the next day.

2. Stop skipping meals

When you’re expecting to gorge on a buffet, many people try to cut back on previous meals to make way for a binge-fest. This is wrong! Skipping meals will only make you feel hungrier and might lead you to eat more than you should.
Instead, try to focus on having healthier meals. Think of making the quality of your meals better by consuming whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats and oils.

3. Allow yourself to indulge in festive foods

Restricting isn’t always the solution when it comes to having a healthy diet. The key to keeping a good diet around this year is by setting realistic goals with your nutrition. It’s fine to have a bit of ham or a little Christmas pudding. But don’t waste your meals on a trip to the nearest fast food or a frozen meal. As with anything, control and moderation should be of utmost importance!

4. Take this time to train HARD

It’s already given that your diets wouldn’t be the best this time of year. Might as well make the most out of every exercise or training session you have. Make exercise and training the top of your priority by setting new goals. Take your running for an extra kilometer or do 10 extra squats!

5. Do your meal and exercise planning

Your fitness and nutrition goals can only be achieved with the right execution. This can be best done if you’ve planned ahead. That’s why it’s essential that you take your meal planning and plotting your exercise before the start of the week.