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5 Habits You Need To Have To Kickstart Your Weight Loss

We all know that to shed the kilos off, diet and exercise are the top priorities. It’s simple — you eat less and move more. However for many people, even if they follow the formula, they still continue to struggle with weight loss. Regardless of how well you eat and how much you train, sometimes the missing key to the puzzle remains in your mental game.


Here are the 5 best tips for you to make the most out of your weight loss plans:

  1. Fight the distraction

Oftentimes, eating becomes associated with other tasks like watching TV, working, or scrolling through social media. However, lacking the focus when you eat becomes a detrimental habit in the long run. In order to truly focus on what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, why you’re eating those specific foods and, most importantly, how those foods make you feel, you need to starve the distractions. Focus on your food and the way it nourishes you. With this tip, you’re more likely to feel satiated after eating a meal.

  1. Stop labeling food good or bad

Instead of labeling foods as good or bad, think about which foods you can eat a lot of, and which ones you should just eat a little of. Then, plan ways to eat the foods you really like in portions that fit with your overall goals. This establishes good relationship with food so you don’t feel deprived when you’re eating too healthy or too guilty when you’ve given into some of your food temptations.

  1. Track everything

Track what you eat, when you ate it, how much you ate and how that food made you feel. Being completely honest with yourself and writing down every single thing that passes through your lips will help you start to notice that maybe you actually do snack, possibly take in more sugar than you thought, eat when you’re bored rather than just hungry or maybe that you have a habit of snacking before bed while watching TV.

  1. Make sleeping well a priority

An important risk factor to overweight and obesity is lacking in sleep. Whenever you feel tired, your body has a greater tendency to choose unhealthy foods and to skip on your workout. In addition, sleep deprivation may also slow down your metabolism. This is why a simple 7-8 hours of sleep a night can help with your weight loss.

  1. It’s not about always about eating less

When something is off-limits, even if you’re able to avoid it for a while, you could end up bingeing on it later because you’ve gone so long without it. Instead of cutting back, focus on putting more of the healthier options in your plate. Fill it up with fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins so that you have less room for the calorie-dense foods.