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Month: September 2018

Are You Deficient in Magnesium?

14 September 2018

Having sore muscles and cramps after working out, lacking sleep, and over-fatigue -- of-of these are linked by magnesium deficiency. Especially in athletes, lacking in magnesium can even lead to a serious impairment in performance. A study of elite runners in 2012 even found that it was magnesium, and not sodium or potassium, that was most depleted during the race. While magnesium does play many important roles in the body, unfortunately, the prevention/reduction of exercise-induced muscle cramps is not one of these. It is easy to be confused considering the heavy marketing for magnesium supplements and the prevention of cramps, but to date, the scientific research suggests that there is no strong link between exercise-induced muscle cramps and magnesium supplementation. While oral magnesium does not appear to have any beneficial effects in athletes with adequate magnesium, supplementation may improve performance in individuals with a diagnosed deficiency. Those undertaking a high volume chronic training load (e.g. long distance runners) or those with a restricted energy intake may be at risk of magnesium deficiency, although this is not common and you should always get this checked out with your GP before supplementation. It is worthwhile noting that the intestinal absorption of magnesium...

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