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Nutrition Regimen for Weight/Muscle Gain when Training

Today’s society and culture focus on the fact that in order to look good, you need to be tone and bulked. However, for some, this isn’t just a walk in the park. Other than the intense regimen for training, another key factor would be in what they eat. This isn’t simply a call for binging on carbs and protein. Strategic weight gain is best achieved by optimising your nutrition.

If you allocate your time of training in the evening, this simple and easy-to-follow meal plan guide will be just right for you.

Meal Plan for Weight/Muscle Gain During Training

Disclaimer: Portion sizes may vary depending on gender. Females typically need smaller portions than males.

This is a sample eating plan and is a guide only. To seek assistance with diet and individualised meal plans please get in touch with Optimise Nutrition. You can also find more tips and sample meal plans on our FREE 20-page booklet called “A Guide To Healthy Eating”.