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Month: August 2018

5 Tips To Boost Your Immune System

17 August 2018

Winter is sitting just around the corner. The days are getting shorter and the mornings are getting cooler. It’s also around this time that your immunity starts to fall short and the body becomes more prone to viral infections. Although there are many medications available to aide in your winter blues, proper nutrition can ultimately give you the immunity boost that you need. Here are the 5 best tips for boosting your immune system: A boost in vitamin C Boost your intake of foods high in vitamin C. Fruits and veggies including oranges, capsicum, dark leafy greens (e.g. kale, spinach), broccoli, berries, kiwi fruit, mandarins, tomatoes and chilli are all high in vitamin C. They also are great additions to a cold-busting diet. Take in some probiotics Including yoghurt in your diet each day provides you with a good dose of probiotics to help boost your immune function. Top your morning muesli with some, mix with fruit as a snack or tuck into a tub as a recovery snack after training. No need for supplements or superfoods to strengthen your immunity Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables are still the best remedy to boost your immunity. A diet rich...

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Nutrition Regimen for Weight/Muscle Gain when Training

10 August 2018

Today’s society and culture focus on the fact that in order to look good, you need to be tone and bulked. However, for some, this isn’t just a walk in the park. Other than the intense regimen for training, another key factor would be in what they eat. This isn’t simply a call for binging on carbs and protein. Strategic weight gain is best achieved by optimising your nutrition. If you allocate your time of training in the evening, this simple and easy-to-follow meal plan guide will be just right for you. Meal Plan for Weight/Muscle Gain During Training Disclaimer: Portion sizes may vary depending on gender. Females typically need smaller portions than males. This is a sample eating plan and is a guide only. To seek assistance with diet and individualised meal plans please get in touch with Optimise Nutrition. You can also find more tips and sample meal plans on our FREE 20-page booklet called “A Guide To Healthy Eating”.

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Tips for Vegetarians on Muscle Building

3 August 2018

Most athletes take note of their protein intake. However, for vegetarian athletes, upping your protein intake can be challenging. The conventional belief that ruled professional and amateur athletic training programs was that consuming meat was the only way to build muscle. Today, we know a balanced vegetarian diet that assists muscular development. Well-planned vegetarian diets that meet energy needs and contain a variety of plant-based protein foods. These include soy products, other legumes (beans and lentils), grains, nuts and seeds can provide adequate protein for athletes without the use of special foods or supplements. Consideration must be made for the type of vegetarian diet an athlete follows: Vegan – a vegetarian diet that excludes all animal products, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products, and which relies on plant protein only to meet protein needs. Lactovegetarian – a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, poultry, fish and eggs but includes dairy products, a source of protein. Lacto-ovo vegetarian – a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, poultry and fish but includes eggs and dairy products, sources of protein. Athletes need to eat small amounts of protein throughout the day. This ensures the nutrient is available when their...

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