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How To Eat Healthy When Eating Out?

It may come as a challenge for some to eat healthily while going out. There’s just too much temptation from the wide-array of food selections to the pressures from friends to try out different things. Although occasionally indulging isn’t bad, it’s important to stick to your healthy eating patterns whenever you’re eating out.

Dining at restaurants or going out for lunch shouldn’t be an excuse to sabotage your diet. Want to find out what tricks you can pull so you can eat healthier?

Here are the top tips for healthy dining out:

  1. Aim to select a venue that has various healthy options and choices on the menu.
  2. Avoid ordering a 3-course meal, alternatively, skip entree (have a salad instead) and opt for the main dish.
  3. Avoid dishes containing fried foods and or creamy sauces dishes (high in energy/ poor quality fats).
  4. Always look for options on the menu that contain predominantly vegetables and/or salad and don’t be shy to ask staff to minimize sauce/dressings.
  5. Avoid ordering chips/wedges or dense carbs (such as bread, risottos, and pasta) with main meals. Select healthier alternatives like cooked/steamed veggies.
  6. Aim to order sauteed/steamed/grilled/ poached or bake protein sources (lean beef, veal, pork, chicken, or fish/seafood) rather than fried foods.
  7. With Pub style meals, always ask for the sauce or dressing on the side so you’re in control of your portions
  8. Avoid heavy desserts or choose fruit-based desserts if an option or opt to share a dessert amongst others.
  9. Speak when eating out. Check with your waiter on the uncertainty of ingredients in meals.
  10. Ask for the methods of cooking and preparation of meals if you aren’t sure.
  11. Ask if it is possible to replace or modify certain foods (ie. replace chips with salads/vegetables)

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