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Month: April 2018

Does Intermittent Fasting Affect Your Performance?

30 April 2018

Every heard of Intermittent fasting? It's the latest diet craze that's been growing in popularity over the years. It promises weight loss, superior fat burning, increases insulin sensitivity, reduced inflammation, and many other metabolic and performance benefits. The IF comes in different varieties. Either a 16 hour fast and an 8-hour time frame to eat or one that lets you eat for 5 straight days and fast for the next 2. Others promote days of flexible eating interspersed by strict fasting days, while more extreme options encourage fasting for several consecutive days, even weeks at a time. But when it comes to your athletic performance, is intermittent fasting beneficial or more of a hindrance?   What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? Promotes choosing high quality and nutritious foods such as vegetables, small portions of lean meats, fish or eggs, and soups to help you ‘fill up’ within calorie restriction Feasting days allow you to eat favourite foods which can help avoid feelings of missing out that commonly occur with other diets What are the negative effects of intermittent fasting? Potential for over-consumption of total calories on “feasting” days due to deprivation mentality and hunger after fasting Concentration and energy...

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Time to Fuel Up After #GC2018!

18 April 2018

Last week, over 6,600 athletes from 71 nations around the world came to sunny Gold Coast as they competed for the medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. With over 18 sports and 7 para sports to participate from, Australia has bagged a total of 198 medals, leading with 80 golds won. The #GC2018 has been an avenue of inspiration as success stories and experiences from these hard-working athletes have been emphasized through its motto "Share the Dream". Ever wonder how the best athletes stay motivated? Find out the best 5 tips from top athletes in the world. 1. Embracing the grind The rigorous training and strict regime athletes go through may be daunting, but many of them have learned to love the grind. 2. Learning to be optimistic The phrase "mind over matter" holds true for many athletes as many of them push the physiological limits through the power of their mind. That's why many of them choose to be positive. 3. Being SMART with their goals Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Athletes know how to set clear and sensible objectives. 4. Strategise based on the outcomes Whether it be a success or a fail, athletes leverage their performance...

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The Role of Nutrition for Elite Athletes

3 April 2018

Elite athletes have become the symbol for optimal health. They train extensively and eat healthily to improve their athletic performance. With the desire to be the best in their sport, they are able to reach beyond the limits of their minds and bodies. However, there are too many factors that can improve an elite athlete's abilities. Many of them lose focus and neglect the importance of nutrition in maximizing their athletic performance. Nutrition for Elite Athletes The nutritional intake of elite athletes is a critical determinant of their athletic performance and ability in order to compete both physically and mentally. But because of the rigorous training demands and hectic travel schedules, many athletes see diet as a chore. In fact, a study has found that despite elite athletes being the most knowledgeable when it comes to the right diet and nutrition, many fail to put them to practice. A number of factors contribute to the success in sports, and diet should be fully emphasized as a key component. Nutrition has proven to boost the capabilities of an athlete. This is especially true when their dietary recommendations are done on an individualized level. This may depend on several aspects, like type...

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