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Month: March 2018

Famine or Feast: Battling the Holiday Binge and Weight Gain

23 March 2018

With the Easter holidays around the corner, many Australians are gearing up for their big holiday trip. In the last year alone, more than a million Aussies booked a cruise. The country leads the world in terms of the most number of cruise passengers. One of the things people do to prepare for such trips is by trying to lose weight. It seems reasonable to drop a few kilos so you to eat and drink anything you want. But, recent studies suggest that fasting before a holiday feast can pose harmful long-term effects to your body. The Effects of Crash Dieting and Rapid Weight Loss Before A Holiday There are too many kinds of diets that promise instant weight loss. They all revolve around the concept of short stints of intense calorie restriction. The results are undeniable. With a significant decrease in the calories you consume, you are bound to shed a couple of kilos easily. However, the problem with crash diets like these, especially in anticipation of a holiday weight gain, is that they are often too hard to keep up with. Several researchers have concluded that rapid weight loss can slow your metabolism and almost guarantee future weight...

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