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Month: September 2017

The Importance of Optimum Nutrition for Boxers

21 September 2017

When it comes a to an all-around high-intensity workout, boxing definitely packs the right punch. It's a stop-and-go sport which incorporates strength, power, and endurance. Top boxers, like Brisbane-local Jeff Horn, develop and hone their skills in agility, speed, power, precision, stamina, mental sharpness, and grace in order to excel in this sport. Developing and fine-tuning a boxer's skill during training requires the right fuel at the right times. Stop-and-go sport athletes, especially boxers, maximize their use of fast-twitch muscle fibres for power. These fibres only use carbohydrates to fuel muscle contraction. Once all of the carbohydrates are used up, the muscles fatigue quickly. Since fast-twitch fibres don’t use oxygen well, they can’t rely on fat as fuel. That is why it is vital that athletes optimise their nutrition to remain strong and energized. Boxing and Nutrition Athletes who realize that food is an important part of training benefits them tremendously. Timing meals and snacks in relation to planned exercise is important. It’s about creating a holistic system with the help of your sports dietitian, to work out the right composition of your food selection of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, the portions of your food selection and the timing of...

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